Meet Lia Holla, #Leader4Tomorrow

Lia HollaLia Holla's Profile

Lia Holla is a 21 year old student in Montreal, Canada, at McGill University with research interests in Nuclear Physics, Peace and Conflict and human behaviour. Over the past two years, she has been serving as the Executive Director of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Canada as she finishes her degree.

Her favourite part of her job is working with high school and undergraduate students in the IPPNWC intern program she created. This involves facilitating a 10-course curriculum on peace from the medical perspective and co-mentoring them to develop projects in their communities.

On-campus, Lia volunteers with Students for Peace and Disarmament, a group she co-founded in her first year. SPD pressures McGill university cut ties with the Military-Industrial Complex by divesting and ceasing research for harmful weapons manufacturers and creating a community for peace activism and learning by hosting various events throughout the school year.

Experiences that inform her interdisciplinary approach include a global scholar program with a focus on neurology at Yale University, working as a counsellor and program coordinator at a youth-run social justice overnight camp on Gabriola Island, working as a political campaigns coordinator with her student union, volunteering with a sexual education office in Montreal and growing up surrounded by nature on Vancouver Island, Canada. Lia loves feminist literature, listening to music, meeting new people who care about peace and disarmament, and is absolutely ecstatic to be taking part in the Leaders4Tomorrow program alongside other youth from around the world!


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