Meet Shizuka Kuramitsu, #Leader4Tomorrow

Shizuka KuramitsuShizuka Kuramitsu's Profile

Shizuka Kuramitsu, a native of Hiroshima, is a graduate student at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She is working on her Masters in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies and works as a graduate research assistant for Critical Issues Forum at James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

She has actively involved in the documentary film project, “The Vow from Hiroshima”, on Setsuko Thurlow, and nonprofit organization based in Hiroshima, Asian Network of Trust-Hiroshima, as an intern. Through the #Leaders4Tomorrow program, Shizuka hopes to share the importance of her hometown and the history that she had inherited from it and to take opportunities to connect many fields with D.N.A. by flexibly drawing on her own experience, knowledge, and creativity.

More from Shizuka: 

Shizuka and a picture with one of her closest A-bomb survivors.
                                                                                                     "A picture with one of my closest A-bomb survivors." 


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