United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament Training Programme (2nd edition) FAQ

Q. What is the United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament Training Programme (2nd edition)? 

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs is looking for young persons (ages 18 – 24) motivated to use their ideas and talents to make a difference, do the work, take action, and create a more peaceful and secure world. 

In addition to young people with an interest in international affairs or international relations, we also strongly encourage individuals with a background in other areas such as history, science, economics, languages, film, media, dance, song, theatre, visual arts, creative writing or any other field to submit an application. 

Our intention is to bring together an eclectic and geographically diverse group of young people for this second edition of the training programme, from across the globe, who can become advocates for disarmament. 

Q. What does the programme consist of? 

The fifteen United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament will receive training in general principles of disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control through on-line courses and will participate in a regional workshop, as well as an in-person study tour in New York, USA. The study tour will take place in October 2024.  

Youth Champions will exchange ideas with disarmament experts from think tanks, civil society organizations and the diplomatic field, and develop their own plans on how to engage in their communities on issues related to disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control, and how these issues apply to their regions, whether it be Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Africa, or the Americas and the Caribbean.   

The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs will support with mentoring and guidance throughout the programme. 

Q. What is the application deadline? 

Applications are open until December 4, 2023  

Q.  What level of English proficiency is required? 

You need to speak, write and understand English easily. You do not need to hand in an IELTS or TOEFL test score.  

Q. Where do I apply? 

Please use this link to apply: United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament Training Programme (2nd edition) - Application Form | Youth 4 Disarmament  

Q. Who is eligible to apply for the programme? 

You are eligible to apply as long as you are between 18-24 years at the time the application closes. If you are still in high school, you can also apply. Applicants from all kinds of backgrounds (e.g. STEM subjects and arts background) are welcome.  

Q. Is there an application fee? 

No, there is no fee to apply for the programme. 

Q. How should the letters of recommendation look like? 

You need two letters of recommendation, both academic and non-academic. Academic letters of recommendation can be from your institution, e.g. teachers, professors, deans. Please note that you need at least one non-academic letter of recommendation (e.g. whether it be a leader in your community or a peer). There is no specific form, but the letter needs to be signed and must be in English. 

Q. What is a Zip Code? 

Both 5- and 6-digit Zip codes can be entered. The Zip code or postal is connected to the address code of your hometown. In case you do not have zip or postal code, please leave the field blank. 

Q. What are the dates of the training programme? 

Online courses will start in early 2024 and the regional workshops will take place in May-June 2024. The study tour will take place in October 2024. Follow up activities will continue until the end of December 2024. Exact dates are subject to change.  

Q. What does the employment section cover? 

You can add any employment experiences you have, including internships. Please note that this is not an eligibility criterion.  

Q. How will I know whether I was successful? 

Successful candidates will be contacted by the end of January 2024. All applicants will receive an update after the selection process has concluded. 

Q. Do I need to have a passport? 

Successful candidates must have a passport that is valid through May 2025. 

Q. Are Visa provisions taken by the UN or do I need to take care of them myself? 

Successful candidates need to apply for a visa, it is highly advised that you seek information about the process immediately. Do not wait until the last minute if this applies to you. You will receive a confirmation letter if you are selected as a United Nations Youth Champion for Disarmament. 

Q. I realized I made a mistake in the application. Can I resubmit it? 

You are allowed to only submit one application. 

Q. Can I save my application and finish it later? 

No, it is recommended that you prepare your application responses offline before uploading to the site. 

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