Meet Damayanti P, #Leaders4Tomorrow

Damayanti P.Damayanti P's Profile

Damayanti P. is a student and youth changemaker who recently attends Glasgow COP26 as UN Youth Delegate and also represent Indonesia as Youth4Climate delegate pre-COP26 youth event in Milan, 2021.

She pursues bachelor of Laws, Politics and Social Studies in Indonesia Open University. To hone her skill in decision-making process, she has co-authored several global children and youth policy recommendations and become NGO Care About Climate ambassador to lead the analysis of country's updated NDC into gender perspective.

Besides, she actively promotes the right to a clean, healthy, safe and sustainable environment through vulnerable community contexts. Damayanti serves as Contact Point of Indigenous Solidarity Working Group and as Global Coordination Team member to several taskforces of YOUNGO (Official Youth Constituency to UNFCCC); as well as becomes registered member to CTBT Coordination Youth Group (CYG Taskforce). Realizing that youth have to create peaceful and sustainable world without nuclear testing and weapon, she decides to building bridge and pave interlinked policies of climate change and nuclear D.N.A through advocacy.

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